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Massage Therapy

There are not many people I know who do not love massage. It is such a great way to relieve stress and people usually come away from a massage feeling refreshed and balanced. I offer both whole body massages purely designed for rest and relaxation, and massage for specific complaints and areas of concern.

Usually, I go with what I can feel when massaging. Your body can tell me the story itself and I go from there. You are always in charge and I adapt according what you would like.

I truly believe in the power of human touch and how nourishing to body and mind it can be. In the packages I offer, you are in control of where and how deep you would like your massage.

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, back pain, sciatica, or any other soft tissue aches and pains; massage therapy can literally just make you feel so good.

After a massage, I provide you with a video specifying either some strengthening or releasing exercises for you to complete, depending on what your main complaint was. The huge benefit of signing up to 4 treatments is that I am then able to monitor and progress you over the course of the 4 treatments. When aiming for making changes and improvements in your body, it takes time. I always say to clients ‘you can’t learn to play the piano in one lesson’ and the same goes when learning something new for your body. Rehabilitating a complaint does take patience and kindness towards yourself. Please feel free to call me if you’d like to chat anything through.

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£39 per hour

£150 for a package of 4 x 1 hour sessions

Prices quoted are for massage therapy in my location in Old Town, Eastbourne

Relaxing Massage

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Otherwise known as holistic or Swedish massage, this is a whole body treatment (unless you specify otherwise).

Designed to de-stress both body and mind, I use a series of techniques to help you to wind down and relax. It benefits the main body systems (circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, musculoskeletal) by relaxing you for delivery of fresh oxygenated blood around the body.

Absolutely a treatment for stress relief and over a week package I work to show you other movement methods to help with stress control. Bringing stress levels down in our lives is such a must at the moment.


“Just had a sports massage from Milly. All I can is that this is the real deal. She is very strong and professional. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much.”

DP, Eastbourne

Sports Massage

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Despite the name, sports massage is not just for athletes.

Sports Massage  is designed to treat a number of conditions including specific injuries, chronic conditions and postural re-alignment by breaking down adhesions, scar tissue and working on myofascial release.

This massage involves very deep massage techniques including muscle energy techniques (trigger pointing), myofascial release, PNF stretching and soft tissue release.

Some discomfort can be felt during and after sports massage.

Over a 4 week package, I share movement strategies for you to help with releasing or strengthening the problem areas of the body.


Pregnancy Massage

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An entirely relaxing massage to help expectant mothers relieve the physical and emotional stress carrying a baby puts on the body.

Designed to help release oxytocin which is the ‘feel good’ hormone, an hour on the couch can help you feel revitalised and fresh. I provide you with some releases and movements to alleviate some of the most common complaints associated with pregnancy.

Extra care is taken to ensure a calm and relaxing environment for you to unwind.

Take note it is not uncommon to fall asleep on the couch!

“Really enjoyed the massage – so relaxing and Milly is lovely and asked what I wanted. Also great to be able to have a massage at home.”

Cat G, Eastbourne

Post-natal Massage

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Your body produced an absolute miracle nurturing and growing your baby. However, as every mother knows; there are aches and pains both during and after pregnancy which could always do with some attention.

After you’ve had your baby, your body needs some specialist TLC for those areas most prone to post-natal aches and pains. I share with you some movements and releases to help with those areas you feel most need this TLC.

A relaxing massage releases oxytocin (the feel good hormone) and prolactin (boosting milk production if you’re breastfeeding) into your body. It allows the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to those tired areas and can help to get rid of some the waste products in your tired body.