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peri and post menopause health and fitness

Finding everything about your body changing?

Don’t you panic! There is so much you can do for yourself.

With some gentle exercise and great nutrition, you can live well through the menopause and beyond.

From the age of 35+, women are considered to be peri menopausal. The definition of having been through the menopause is when you haven’t had a menstrual period for 12 months and the average age for periods to have stopped is 52 in the UK. The peri-menopausal time can present with a number of symptoms; it is different for every woman. It is vital to be well informed during this time so that you can make informed choices to live your best life!

The hormonal changes around the menopause cause the female body to change. Naturally occurring oestrogen levels decline which is the hormone protective to brain, heart, bone and breast health. Progesterone and testosterone levels also decline during the menopause. Sometimes, the symptoms presented will need specific attention in the form of some sort of HRT or other medication. Often however, there are strategies you can adopt into your life to allow you to live well and continue to love your life and yourself!


There is so much we can do together!


I can teach you about what is happening to your body, why it is happening and most importantly what you can do to live well through the menopause and beyond maintaining a natural lifestyle.

Self-care must become an absolute priority in your life. My 1:1 service goes deep into how to make this happen and why it is so important. ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ never rings so true! When women learn that self-care is not selfish and that it is a necessity, the mist lifts and you can see clear as blue sky how and why putting yourself first is the key to happiness and power through your lid-life.

Time to get savvy when it comes to female bone, breast, brain, heart, pelvic and musculoskeletal health (we are not small men so it is different!). Learning what to eat, how to exercise, stress control methods, sleep habits and positive lifestyle shifts can literally..



I offer a 1:1 bespoke service which include 6 x 1hour training sessions, a weekly phone call, weekly goal setting, nutrition advice (send me your food diaries), stress control methods, sleep hygeine strategies, advice on how to manage menopausal symptoms and be at peace with yourself and your body. Please contact me for more details. £294 for a 6 week package. Incremental changes happen over time as the learning process takes time. One session will not suffice! 

Alternatively, I offer classes structured as 6 week courses. I work with a maximum of 8 in each class which gives me plenty of time to assess each individual and provide feedback during class time. Classes are mainly focused around appropriate fitness and movement techniques for the peri to post menopausal body. It needs to be different as women start to lose muscle tone from the age of 35 so I am here to ensure this doesn’t happen! All movements aim to engage the core and the pelvic floor. This comes with some homework too should you choose to complete it! We discuss strategies and ideas regarding nutrition, stress control and lifestyle choices. A 6-week course is £59 during school term time.

Milly Roberts Qualifications

Qualifications, Insurance and Professional Membership

When you work with me, you can be reassured that I am a fully qualified personal trainer. As a specialist in women's health and fitness, I'm a graduate of Burrell Education - the leading educator in how women's body move and how to strengthen it.

You can train with me in confidence that I understand how your body works.

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