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Mrs K, Eastbourne

Milly has just started training me after years of not doing any exercise.

She has been brilliant at tailoring a programme to suit my ability.

Thank you for giving me the confidence to try something new completely out of my comfort zone.

Mrs T, Eastbourne

I started training with Milly shortly after having my second child. I was deciding between gym membership or a personal trainer and am really glad I chose to train with Milly.

Milly understands that I don’t have large chunks of time in my day to exercise so created an achievable plan for me where I could easily fit exercise into my day and build good habits.

I love that changing my diet hasn’t meant eating different foods from the rest of my family, we just now all eat more healthily. Milly suggested substitutions and easy changes to the food we usually eat (not easy with a fussy six year old and a weaning baby).

After having my first child I suffered from really bad back pain. My second baby was much heavier and I had resigned myself to the fact that the back pain would inevitably return with all the bending and carrying. However, training with Milly has given me an awareness and understanding of my posture and has strengthened my core, meaning that the back pain hasn’t returned.

Making achievable positive changes to my diet and exercise has made me feel so much more positive and ‘on top of things’. Milly really understands the challenges of making these changes with a busy family life. She always has creative, practical and achievable suggestions to make positive changes. Milly really understands the challenge of making time for yourself. I never feel guilty or judged if I haven’t managed to exercise in-between training sessions. Even on days when I am exhausted, after an hour with Milly I feel so much more positive and actually have more energy.

I would highly recommend Milly!

Mrs G, Eastbourne

I started training with Milly in a bid to lose some of the baby weight around my middle and generally tone up, after having two children. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed.

Milly knew exactly how to encourage me, push me, entertain me, distract me. She helped me understand the importance of correct form – once you’ve got this right, it never leaves you. I learnt so much from her, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with.

Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear, and above all, she gave me body confidence again. Milly is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational…and I can’t recommend her enough!

Mrs M, Eastbourne

I highly recommend Milly’s stronger core and pelvic floor classes.

They were exactly what I needed after my second pregnancy.

The sessions were a great pace and not at all intimidating.

Milly was knowledgeable and supportive and has given some brilliant practical take home advice for continuing the good work.

I’m definitely feeling an improvement!

Tracey, Eastbourne

I had got so low in myself. 

I was fed up of doctors saying “we can do this… but the side effects are…..”.  It seems you cure one thing, then it creates another problem. 

I was speaking to a friend about how common it is and how many women suffer in silence, when she told me about Milly Roberts fitness. She explained that Milly has specific classes for pelvic floor.  I then called and got myself booked on a class as a final resort before any operations.

I have completed one course and I am amazed how well it is working, I know I still have a long way to go but doing this class has changed everything and given me my confidence back. 

Milly is amazing and knows her stuff, I just wish all doctors would recommend Milly. She is not just a personal trainer, she is a miracle worker! Seriously you have to try it to understand that gym and aerobics classes are not doing anything for your pelvic floor, this is due to a lack of knowledge about theses issues and it is a high knowledge of understanding that goes beyond these instructors.

Milly knows and understands the woman’s body and knows exactly how to work the Pelvic floor and get everything strong again.

I really can’t thank her enough, I would recommend the courses to everyone.


Mrs S, Eastbourne

I highly recommend Milly’s stronger core/pelvic floor classes. I have recently completed it and notice a real difference in just 6 weeks.

My core is so much stronger. All the exercises can easily be done at home.

Thank you so much Milly.

Mrs C, Eastbourne

From the first moment I met Milly and described some of my post natal symptoms, she has been nothing but supportive, professional and knowledgeable.

Her ‘Stronger Core and Pelvic Floor’ course was exactly what I needed. I went from not knowing if I was doing my pelvic for exercises correctly to being very confident in and connected to my pelvic floor.

I’m really looking forward to the continuation class. Thank you Milly!

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